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April 26, 2007



I just found your blog! Your swaps sounds like so much fun! Birds and Cupcakes... two of my favorite things! Count me in! I will email you my info!

Laura Bray

Count me in too! I sent you an email yesterday for the Cupcake swap. Let me know if I'm in!

Laura Bray

claire hampton

This sounds great fun, hope people will swap with an english gal.

Stephanie Coop

I would love to do the cupcake one!


Count me in please! I emailed 2 different email Entries. Thanks and I am looking forward to it !
I think I will go and start my projects right now!

Stevie K

May I join in on the fun too? I'd love to participate in both!! I emailed ya! Thanks!!!

Barbara Burkard

i would love to join your cupcake swap!


Debra Schoch

Hello,been surfing about the blogs and found you thru garboodles...would love to do a 'bird swap'...I'll sign up...enjoyed reading your past listings..Debra

Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

YES YES YES include me in on the cupcake swap!
I LOOOOOOOOVE cupckaes!!!!

Thanks a bunch, Dolly


well, i'm bummed i missed out on the birdy swap.... but i'll do thecupcake swap to get over it! and i have no problems swapping internationally if needed. thanks, kecia

nikki/WhiMsy love

I would LOVE to do the cupcake swap!! I'm turning into a cupcake freak!!! (In a good way!) I'll email you my info & stuff!
Your My basket swap for Monica's looks AMAZING!!


I just found out about your cupcake swap. Love to join in the fun! Sending you an email :)


I wouldn't be able to do the cupcake swap, but would love to do the birdy swap if you have another one!! I love birds!! Please let me know when you have one again.

Julia Clark

I love it! Please sign me up for the cupcake swap! Thanks!

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